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Like the silent, unfolding beauty of an orchid, blossoming into creation from the energy of a single atom, the falcon too, is equally as beautiful and mysterious to me.

In awe of its speed, vision, and loyalty, my new Falcon Collection is truly inspired by this heavenly, creature.

Always keen and watchful for new opportunities, the falcon is able to spot the slightest movement of a field mouse from miles away. With surreal sight, it can free-fall into dizzying dives up to three-hundred miles an hour stopping suddenly to spread its majestic wings, narrow its focus, and land powerfully.

My new Falcon collection did not happen overnight, or by accident. With intense passion, and a deliberate desire to be constantly improving and performing at my best, I am inspired by Mother Nature – always.

As an entrepreneur, I am constantly striving to move forward, incorporating Her beauty and Her awesomeness. Like a falcon, spreading its wings and opening itself fully to every opportunity, I try to keep my heart grateful and my hands open to receiving all of the wonderful opportunities that surround me.

The choice is always ours, but thinking ahead saves you time and prepares you to seize every opportunity; to contribute to the greater common good through art that elevates life.
From the laboratory of creation to the playground of purses, be inspired by the speed, agility, and freedom of my new Falcon Collection. Seize it in the palm of your hands. It won’t be here long…

“…On the wings of Nature’s beautiful and glorious falcon, I wish you falcon speed and soaring success in all that you do…”

With love for creation
Sibél Benarush, Creative Director 


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