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“Everything there is to say about ALEXANDRA, an amazing production assistant, her work with the most renown designers of the international fashion scene, and the way she prepared for her different projects, I have said with “my Alexandra…”. Sibél Benarush Chief Designer


CASUAL, CLASSICAL, ELEGANT. „Crocodile Dundee“ bag in panel format takes on new alliances and shows its cool side. Must-have! The linen; Cotton, which is regarded as a fast climber. With its inspiring and shimmering threads the inner life of the bag becomes its partner. The rich and robust impulse is underlined by leather in crocodile design, firm handles and RUSH-press locks. The leather, with its robust crocodile-look, reminds of the exciting stories of the American journalist Sue Charlton from New York, who takes on a journey into the Australian Bush to meet Mick “Crocodile” Dundee, of whom she has read adventurous stories about winning a fight with a crocodile.
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