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Our message is a perfected dance between luxurious vision and passion where body and soul merge into one. A magical moment! Love and passion – these are our handbags. Yes, they are our life. They are handmade in energy. In the light of love. The power of love is the basis of our creativity. With our deep trust in the process, our inspiration and our desire to create luxurious leather handbags intensifies and emerges into our unique craft for women.


COMMITMENT to EXCELLENCE is our top priority. We strive for the highest quality and rely on the best premium leather, high-quality materials, and a lot of know how. We devote our time to excellence. We use only vegetable tanned elite leather for the manufacturing of our handbags. The noble leather is a natural product and, thus, skin neutral. It keeps the sensual feeling and the naturalness and longevity of real leather so you can feel it in your hands. Thus, you will have a lifetime of joy with our handbags.






With extreme attention to detail, sophisticated innovations, and the use of high quality materials, we create quality products that are created for the future. To meet this demand, we develop and produce in Europe – today and in the future!



The Creative
Sibél Benarush

Designers are happy people. Because a handbag collection unites the past with the present and each newly designed bag, the future is now.

For many years, I have been working as a creative director at RUSH GMBH with sophisticated leather handbags that combine beauty, function and aesthetics, and above all, the craftsmanship and originality of materials like leather, wool, silk, and cashmere.

The Strategist
Gilbert Benarush

Since the founding of his namesake’s fashion label in 2012, Gilbert Benarush’s striking black and white RUSH logo has come to represent imagined luxury and evolutionary style. Today he is the director of the lifestyle company RUSH by Gilbert Benarush.

Gilbert sets himself apart in the way that he tackles and implements his strategies. Trusting and combining his creative instincts with detailed craftsmanship, his dynamic personality makes an integral difference in RUSH’s overall success. It complements his professional skills as a leader.

The Message – DNA of RUSH

In 1858, in an uninhabited monastery on ERBA Island in the Franconian city of Bamberg, Germany, leather and textile’s aesthetic history was first recorded. Rooted in natural beauty and sustainability, RUSH carries this rich tradition forward into the 21st century. Founded in 2012 by Creative, Sibél Benarush and Strategist, Gilbert Benarush, his namesake label has become a distinguished trademark and brand synonymous with beauty, style, luxury, and high quality for premium handbags that last a lifetime. Sustainability is fun! And stylish!

Dedicated to developing and creating sustainable works of art, RUSH produces their premium luxury handbags in Europe. Casually interpreting new German luxury, it will continue this practice in the future as well, to ensure consumer demand and lifetime expectations of quality right down to the last detail. You can rely on RUSH!

Not only is RUSH dedicated to sustainability and the rich, historical traditions of crating and creating beautiful leathers and exquisite textiles, it focuses on sustainability through organic shapes and colors, and diversity of design. Combining natural aspects with full gradations of color, we add hand painted details using flowers, metallic coatings, cloudy textures, 3D mesh, or wool and synthetics to represent feminine grace and elegance with discrete charm for functionality. (The inner lining is fantastically coordinated with minimalism and seduction.)

The heart and soul of this unique German brand is Avi and Sibél Benarush. An international team, they are filled with love and passion. The creative force behind RUSH is Creative Director and CEO of Style, Sibél Benarush. This multicultural family business has grown into an international team that reaches beyond cosmopolitan borders and across the Mediterranean. It’s cherished for its love and loyalty to one another.

Albert Einstein once said, “Success is not the key to happiness; happiness is the key to success.” As we offer the world a new brand of luxury, Einstein’s philosophy accompanies us on our journey of joy as we endeavor to love what we do so that we might bring our success back to you!



The Inspiration

“The air is filled with the scent of fresh flowers …” Working with natural products is one of a designer’s greatest gifts. Outdoor work allows me to capture all the wonderful impressions and movements of light. It helps me achieve the RUSH signature look of our leather handbags. Creating masterpieces, while still maintaining your own quality standards takes time and patience. We all need time to breathe. When we do, we also allow our work to breathe too. Creativity is a process!

When you enter my studio, you will find countless stories there. Stories of nostalgia and innovation, secrets and myths, brightness and profanity, luxury and profit and loss. You will also find my determination, my search for beauty, my quest for soaking up the simplicity of my surroundings.

I love to work with leather and I love the challenge of approaching fancy handbags with a unique radiance because each one will need an ambassador who appreciates them; who accompanies them on their journey. This is my gift to all the great women out there!

“With Love and Love for Creation …” Sibel Benarush, Creative Director

The Material

We make high demands on our leather and of course, we only buy the best premium leather character. That’s why we always look for our Italian leather suppliers personally. They are traditional and have a proven track record over the course of many years in leather production, printing, treatment, finishing, embroidery and fabrics. This personal standard is the final confirmation of our truly distinctive handbag style of RUSH BY GILBERT BENARUSH: Originality, creativity, and uniqueness with a touch of eccentricity.

The latest machines are used in a unique and unrepeatable combinations with traditional manual techniques. Namely the skill and attention to detail of the true craftsman to interpret and anticipate the trends of the fashion market.

Quality and soft calf leather, chrome leather and lambskin are the support for incredible screen-printed crocodile prints in new craftsmanship with unusual colors and shades. Also, prints with laser techniques and flowers, riding and ethnic prints as well as reptile prints in different grains and fashion colors with extraordinary results.

To successfully process a material, one has to know something about it, – both in tanning the material and in the processing. After years of experience, we what to look for and how to find peculiarities of leather. We also know its secrets! Leather is a highly complex refined natural product! The most important part of the leather is the “corium” – also called “dermis.” The fiber bundles within the corium are responsible for the characteristic properties like flexibility, hardness, elasticity and breathability.

There is always something new to discover. We like to experiment with edgy leathers, colors and shapes. Do you know how many different types of leather can be made? That’s why there are tannery technicians. They can figure out how to change the fiber angle we used, to call the angle of insertion of the fibers to make different types of leather. These can be used in return for a variety of specific practices.

In most cases we use cow leather/calf leather. When we do, we always work with the highest quality called full grain leather. The surface of this leather has not been corrected. That’s why every piece of leather has its own character, just like us humans.

One with nature

RUSH BY GILBERT BENARUSH It’s important to produce pure natural leather, without any chemical additives.

The vegetable tanning of our leather with herbal essences is the classic way. Our elite leather is made with traditional oaks and spruces and browned in a pit. For this process, we use certain parts of the plant, such as root, or barks and fruits of plants with a lot of tannin.

We only use sustainable, fully ecological certified leather that has been tested for harmful substances according to the German Tanning Agents Act and ISO 9001. In addition, humans and the environment will not be burdened!

The conscious handling of nature is important to us. Leather tanned with herbal essences are compostable tannins. This is how we contribute to the protection of the environment. By living a little deeper in the world, the world lives deeper in us. This eco-friendly tanning process means a lot to us because we have found a piece of real tradition. A unique craft, which achieves particularly high skin compatibility and is very durable. Sustainability is joy and fun!

Ideas on reality

My studio inventory: good energy, flowers, lots of light; Materials: textiles, silk, wool, cashmere, Japanese leather knives, seed rows, leather colors, leather surfaces and polishes, leather glue, reinforcing material, inner lining, metal applications; Locks: caps, rings, leather, designs and patterns, whetstones, awls, penetrating irons, hammers, folding sticks, smoothing rods, edge pullers, glue clips, knives, needles, corners, compasses and pliers. All of these are essential tools for perfect implementation.

Our commitment


We believe in achieving the highest quality of standards, right down to the last detail. We make no compromises in quality. For this reason, our entire handbags’ production is based both on the selection of the best materials and on the proven trust of local professionals and manufacturers in Europe. All stages of our production remains in Europe. We want to help expand this tradition throughout the European continent so that art and its creation persists and endures. We are building strong for Europe and creating and securing jobs.

We make every effort to ensure that the most ethical and friendly production partners are consciously restrained in using environmentally friendly procedures and, in any case, to prevent the production of forced labor by children. We redefine luxury and package and ship green. Environmentally friendly packaging that is free from harmful substances is important to us. GREEN MAKES HAPPY!

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